Andrew Stellman & Lisa Kellner


Partner at Stellman & Green Consulting

Andrew Stellman and Lisa Kellner live in New York City and spend summers (and, increasingly, most of the spring and fall) living in the Twin Cities. Andrew is a speaker, consultant, and author of multiple books about software engineering, agile development, and project management. He is a partner in Stellman & Greene Consulting, which provides software development services and training to companies, non-profits, and research institutions.

“We are passionate about women’s basketball, but it wasn’t always that way. We’d never watched a single game (or, for the most part, sports of any kind) before the 2012 Olympics. Watching Team USA was a truly eye-opening experience: there’s something amazing and unique about the combination of quick decision-making, teamwork, and creativity that happens when this sport is played at its highest level. The Lynx President’s Circle is our way of supporting that. It’s especially important to us that a portion of the Lynx President’s Circle membership goes to tickets for underprivileged kids to see the Lynx. We imagine that seeing the Lynx for the first time can be a mind-expanding experience for a young player, much like a young musician or artist experiencing the work of a master for the first time. This is why we were excited to join the Lynx President’s Circle. We see it as a way to support women’s basketball, much like one might become a patron of a museum or orchestra, but also to give back to the community in a way that helps to expand the world of women’s basketball.”